What’s included in the programme?

Up for Debate is a unique oracy programme for secondary schools

specially developed for state schools in England by PiXL Edge and the Noisy Classroom, we’re now in our sixth successful year.

Up for Debate is just part of the amazing offer to schools who are members of PiXL.

Teaching to debate

A richly-resourced scheme of work to introduce debate to all pupils at KS3. Features include:

  • videos of demonstration debates
  • special short films with our resident experts Professor Ivan O’Pinion and debate journalist Hugh de Syde
  • stimulus materials and handouts to support the two motions
  • unique writing frames and prompt sheets to help pupils and teachers master all aspects of debate.
  • Online CPD sessions to support teachers in using the resources to establish a culture of debate in their school

Teaching through debate

Once your pupils have been introduced to the basics of debating through the scheme of work, they’re ready to use the tools of debating and Critical Oracy in subjects across the curriculum:

  • Our exclusive collection of over 160 stimulus sheets for all curriculum subjects gives pupils a helping hand to quickly develop ideas for a debate on topics from History and Geography to Science and Vocational courses
  • our Debating Across the Curriculum booklet is an accessible introduction to debating for teachers of all subjects.

Debating beyond the classroom

Debating is also a fantastic co-curricular activity:

  • our Debating Beyond the Classroom handbook provides you with lots of ideas on how to set up a lunchtime or after-school club, and how you can engage with the wider schools debating scene across the UK and around the world
  • we can provide help for you to network with other schools in the Up for Debate programme so your pupils can debate in person with neighbouring schools, or online with schools around the country.

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If you’re a state school in England, interested in becoming a member of PiXL, contact [email protected].

If you’re not a PiXL school, and are interested in developing debate in your school, contact [email protected].


Videos are a central part of our resources, and the pedagogy of our scheme of work and whole-school oracy programme.

Created by our BAFTA-nominated digital director many of our pupil-oriented videos feature our hugely popular two characters ‘Professor Ivan O’Pinion’ and ‘Hugh de Syde’; check them out in this video from the second lesson of the KS3 scheme of work.


This year, we are delighted to offer you 160 brand new stimulus sheets covering key stages 3, 4 and 5 in 29 curriculum subjects. Each sheet takes a contentious topic in its subject and encourages students to engage with the issues. Featuring key questions, vocabulary, facts, examples and research tasks, the A4 sheets include everything you need to stimulate thinking about the debate.

Speak & Listen

Our format is specially-designed for classroom use, with:
  • Two main speeches on both Proposition and Opposition
  • Core requirement to respond to the other side’s points through ‘rebuttal’ and ‘Points of Information’
  • Floor debate to involve the whole class in speaking, as well as active listening
  • Summary speeches teaching the skills of synthesis and analysis.

Watch the video of a debate on the motion “This House would lower the voting age to 12”, which is used in our KS3 scheme of work, to get a full idea of the format.


Our three core books for teachers are:
  • the main Handbook and Scheme of Work
  • cross-curricular ideas for Debating Across the Curriculum
  • co-curricular programmes in Debating Beyond the Classroom

Take a look at some sample content from each of these books.

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If you’re a state school in England, interested in becoming a member of PiXL, contact [email protected].

If you’re not a PiXL School, and are interested in developing debate in your school, contact [email protected].